We have developed a system called Abrajet, a water cutting system that can be used on and offshore, underwater down to 500-600 meters and in flammable areas. When using the water cutting method, you do not need to remove paint and oil residue before cutting. As is known, paints and oil products emit environmentally hazardous waste and fire can occur. With water cutting, the cut is cold, controlled and has no environmental disadvantages. The equipment can be easily adapted to confined areas where the beam can be controlled remotely by the operator.

Watech has performed several assignments offshore, including; ConocoPhilips B11 and Equinor Heidrun.


Abrajet can also be used to remove old insulation on valves / pipes, as well as PolyUrethane linings. The Abrajet system is PLS controlled and changes and adjustments to the program are made in a simple way in the machine’s panel. The abrajet can be mounted to a robot controlled arm for precise control. It can also be used with a hand held high pressure gun with fixed nozzles or with rotating nozzles.



Removal of rust and paint occurs by mixing small amounts of abrasives in the water and flushing out at a pressure of 750 bar. The degree of purity can vary from just stripping a coat of paint to completely removing the paint and rusting down to pure metal. The beam has great power. The rotating nozzle head has 2 nozzles with a capacity of 30 lpm which makes the desired effect very fast. Nozzle head can also be supplied with 1 rotating nozzle then with a capacity of 15 lpm.

The Abrajet system has incredible capacity. It has a logging of 20-40 m2 / h. Watech can supply various plants built with diesel or electric motor. In standard version or in Ex version. The Abrajet gun is based on a two-handed grip and has electric remote control that can be used in potentially explosive areas. The method removes salts, chlorides, fats etc.


It is an environmentally friendly method with no pollution to air. The Abrajet jet is very noisy compared to ultra high pressure flushing and sand blasting. At 5 meters it is only measured up to 90 decibels and at 10 meters distance down to 84 decibels. The high-pressure jet without abrasives is ideal for cleaning and flushing. Removes loose particles and ingrown pollution. The system can be used effectively for internal pipe cleaning. The nozzle is then mounted on a centered trolley and pulled through the tube using the hose. This can be done manually or by a hydraulic hose drum. The tube becomes completely clean all the way to white metal with rotating nozzles.